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Growers seem to be doing a good job of waiting for seed colour change before swathing. This is good for overall yield potential, and waiting to swath can reduce green counts — especially if swathing in hot temperatures.

For growers straight combining canola for the first time, note that canola can look green even when it’s ready to combine. A key with straight combining is to go as soon as all seeds are ripe. This can mean a slower combining pace if stems are still somewhat green.

Late season flea beetles are being found in many parts of the Prairies. They are no threat to this year’s crop, unless numbers are close to 100 per plant and feeding on pods is evident. However, these numbers can hint at a possible increased threat next spring.

Combining is in full swing in some regions. Canola combined hot can take a long time to cool, and can be at risk. Aerate it immediately to cool it down, even if it’s dry.

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For more on blackleg, see the following Canola School video with plant pathologist Ralph Lange: