Issues of the week

Seed colour change

Heat has moved the crop along, but resist the temptation to swath too early. The ideal time to swath is when 60% of seeds on the main stem have at least some level of brown colouration. Note that sunscald can make pods look more mature than they really are.

We know that not all canola can logistically be swathed at 60% SCC. Some will have to be cut earlier. Keep in mind that cutting too early greatly increases green seed risk and yield loss. Canola Council of Canada research found that swathing at 60% SCC resulted in 8% more yield than swathing at 30-40% SCC, 12% more yield than at 10-20% SCC, and 19% more yield than swathing before 10% SCC.

As bertha armyworms get bigger, they eat more. Berthas are continuing to grow this week, and will keep feeding right up until their pupate.

Tweet of the week: @Michwoll posted this photo during today’s #ABbugchat, asking if it’s a bertha armyworm. Below the photo is Scott Meers’ tweeted reply.

dead bertha

Tweet of the Week August 22