Issues of the week

Seeding is nearly complete in some areas of southern Alberta, and canola that is up looks good — although the region could use rain. Meanwhile, seeding will start later this week or next week in many other Prairie regions. Mid to late May is a fine time to seed canola. Yield potential, based on long-term averages, may not be as good as early May seeding, but it’s not far behind. Once they get rolling, growers can seed a lot of acres in a short period of time— weather permitting. Seeding is the most important pass you make over the field, so remain patient and remember you only have one chance to give that seed the best start possible.

Seed-placed fertilizer reminder: To avoid seedling damage, apply no more than 20 lb./ac. of phosphate with the seed. Put everything else — nitrogen, sulphur, potassium and extra phosphorus — away from the seed.

While waiting to seed, look at the weed situation. Weeds that are hard to control in crop — such as large winter annual cleavers — need a pre-seed application for adequate control.