Issues of the week

As part of the spray decision for late-season insects, scout to determine if numbers are above economic thresholds, but also examine the crop development and insect stage and condition closely. Estimate time to swathing and consider whether insects are still feeding effectively on plant parts that will be significant contributors to yield. Always follow pre-harvest intervals (PHI’s).

In most regions, growers are noticing a fair number of missing pods on the main stem and/or side branches. Mother Nature definitely played a role this year but use this opportunity to explore potential management factors that might have also lead to this.

Fall weed control vs. desiccation – be sure to choose the right tool for the right job.

Combining of canola is beginning in Manitoba. Using aeration to condition canola for storage is important, especially until seed respiration subsides (which can take up to six weeks). If either temperature or moisture of the harvested grain increases, so does potential for spoilage.