Issues of the week

Wind and rain have delayed weed control. We have articles this week on how to reduce spray drift when spraying in a little wind, and how to clean the tank properly between fields. Without a proper cleaning, unwanted damage can occur from residues accumulating in the tank and sprayer plumbing — especially if the sprayer is sitting full and ready to go.

The same rains that have delayed spraying can also increase nitrogen and sulphur leaching in lighter soils, and increase denitrification in heavy soils. While very good soil moisture conditions may increase canola yield potential, those rains may have depleted the nitrogen reserves somewhat. Top dressing is an option to restore those reserves and maintain yield potential.

The insect watch this week includes cutworms, diamondback moth and flea beetles, and when scouting keep your eyes open for wireworm, early season blackleg lesions (especially in tight rotations) and anything else unusual. With moisture stress, yellowing and damping off may show up due to environmental stress, rhizoctonia (wirestem) and other opportunistic root pathogens.