Glyphosate resistant kochia found on Prairies. Now what?

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada confirms that glyphosate resistant kochia has been found in Southern Alberta. The resistant weed species was found in three fields of chemfallow. This confirms that glyphosate-resistant weeds can develop on the Prairies. To reduce the risk of selecting for resistant weeds on your farm:

—Control weeds early. Herbicides are more effective on small weeds.
—Use a tank mix with pre-seed glyphosate applications when possible for crops in the rotation. Hitting weeds with two modes of action reduces the risk of herbicide resistant weeds escaping and setting seed. Through the whole crop rotation, use a variety of other herbicide groups (modes of action).
— Use the right herbicide at the right rate and apply at the right time. Cutting rates, for example, may reduce herbicide efficacy and increase weed seed return to the soil seed bank.
—Control weeds throughout the season to reduce the weed seed bank.
—Visit for more information on ways to reduce the risk of developing glyphosate-resistant weeds.