Issues of the week

Diamondback moth, bertha armyworm, cabbage seedpod weevil and lygus bug are at or near thresholds in areas. Keep scouting to avoid losses due to late season insects.

High temperatures in previous weeks have really advanced canola growth and development. In the wetter areas, fields have dried out and crops are looking better. Some canola crops in driest areas are ripening prematurely.

Many fields have two or three distinct stages of growth due to hail, moisture stress, etc.  The effects of weed control challenges and poor crop competition earlier in the season are becoming apparent as mature weeds begin to rise up through the crop canopy. Growers are beginning to ask questions about crop dry down and pre-harvest weed control vs. desiccation.

Many fields are podding with some fields beginning to show signs of seed colour change. This is a great time to observe patches of premature ripening and scout to determine why. This year it is easy to assume that soil moisture stress is the cause but take a closer look to rule out late season disease, insect, or soil fertility issues.