Issues of the week

Growers with uneven, thin or late canola are struggling with the sclerotinia spray decision, especially if they’ve been without rain or high humidity the past week or so. Uneven crop presents a challenge for spray timing. A split application may be worthwhile if the later plants or late-flowering branches still present a significant yield potential and are likely to mature.

While scouting to assess the sclerotinia situation, take a few minutes to look at the field. Mark off areas that you expect will contribute the most to yield, then check those areas with the yield monitor at harvest to see if your mid season assessment proves true. If you see blank areas, try to figure out why these blanks occurred. These are good tests to train your eye and make adjustments for next year. Click here for more tips.

Did you deal with a lot of volunteer canola this year? Harvest losses are a key contributor to the volunteer canola seed bank. Learn how to reduce these costly losses at the Westlock combine clinic next week.