Volunteer canola control in an unseeded field

Growers with unseeded acres are finally able to do some spraying. They need to control volunteer canola that is now done flowering. Canola that is done flowering will have already produced a large amount of viable seed. Unfortunately, controlling plants at this stage of growth will do little to reduce the viability of those seeds.

If controlling volunteer canola is desirable for other reasons (i.e. moisture conservation), apply glyphosate at 420 grams per acre to non-Roundup Ready volunteers. For Roundup Ready volunteers, growers have a variety of herbicide options that can be used on unseeded fields. Before spraying these products, ask the retailer or company rep for recommended rates for volunteer canola at this size, and check the product’s recropping restrictions. Some have residual periods that may affect cropping options for next year.

Growing a cereal on that field in 2012 will give the field a canola break and provide another opportunity to control any volunteers that set seed. Mowing and tillage are other options.