Insect update

With rains across the Prairies, the insect threat is reduced — in general — but there are still hotspots for cutworms and flea beetles.

Flea beetles: Spraying continues in Manitoba where crops are advancing slowly due to excess rain and limited warmth. The flea beetle threat is over for most parts of Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Cutworms: Redbacked cutworms are still causing severe damage in southern Alberta. Some sprayed fields need to be reseeded. Click here for more on cutworm ID and management.

Grasshoppers: Spraying occurred last week in northern Alberta and around Meadow Lake, Sask., but rain has reduced grasshopper feeding in these areas.

Cabbage seedpod weevil: Entomologists anticipate a busy year for this pest in southern Alberta and southwest Saskatchewan. Scouting will be critical. Click here for more information and for Alberta Agriculture’s latest weevil map. Alberta Agriculture is also asking agrologists to participate in the cabbage seedpod weevil reporting. Call 310-2777 (toll free) to provide sweep net counts to the reporting system.

Root maggots: Root maggot feeding is reported in southern Alberta where the pest has never been reported before. There are no sprays to control maggots. Click here for more information.

Gophers: Richardson ground squirrel damage can be confused with cutworm damage. Strychnine baits are available for gopher control. The emergency registration for 2% strychnine solution (for do-it-yourself baits) in Saskatchewan and Alberta ended earlier this month.

Read the Prairie Pest Monitoring Network’s latest insect report: Prairie Pest Monitoring Network Jun13-17 update