Crop and weather update

Peace (B.C. and Alberta): Seeding is basically done but a few fields are being reseeded after another heavy frost in northern locations over the weekend. Growers wondering when to resume spraying after a frost can click here. Cool and wet conditions have slowed crop development, and have also slowed insect activity and weed spraying.  Rain in the southern Peace region helped alleviate crusting issues.

Alberta: Seeding is done in central Alberta and almost done in the south. Warm temperatures are needed to get canola growing. Soils in the south are cold and wet, which has kept sprayers off the field. Soils in the north are cold and dry. Cool temperatures have moved flea beetles down to stems and undersides of leaves. Reseeding is fairly common in north central regions after 2 or 3 successive frosts, including -6 C in some locations this past week. Alberta crop report.

Saskatchewan: Emerged canola needs warm weather to start rapid growth. The south needs a few dry days so growers can get on fields to spray. Many acres in the southeast will not get seeded and growers have a lot of weeds and volunteer canola to deal with before they get too big and set seed. The northwest needs rain to get canola growing and help it recover from frost. Saskatchewan crop report.

Manitoba: The final crop insurance deadline is June 20 for southwest Manitoba, where seeding is less than 10% complete for many growers. With up to 4” of rain again this past week, many unseeded fields will not get seeded. Some growers are still trying to broadcast with floaters or planes, and a few are considering leaving volunteer canola as a crop. Overall, western Manitoba is 40-50% seeded and eastern Manitoba is 60-70% seeded. Manitoba crop report.