Start insect scouting right after seeding

Once crops are seeded, check fields on a twice weekly basis for flea beetles and cutworms. Canola in the western Prairies will emerge quickly, and temperatures for the region are in the high teens for the coming week. This will promote more insect activity.

Fields emerged first could be at higher risk for flea beetle damage. If you are noticing flea beetle activity, make notes as a reminder to check those fields more often.

When checking seeding depth also check around for cutworms.

As for wireworms, growers need to scout fields before seeding canola if they suspect a wireworm problem. No insecticides are registered for wireworm control in canola. Wireworm seed treatments are available for cereals, so that might be a better option for fields infested with wireworms. Canola that gets off to a quick start and grows vigorously will be better able to tolerate wireworm feeding.