Spray weeds now, even if seeding is delayed

Early weed control is best, especially for perennials and winter annuals. Glyphosate rates will need to be increased for established weeds, even if they’re small. CleanStart, the only product registered to control volunteer Roundup Ready canola ahead of canola, works best when weeds and volunteers are small.

Even if growers don’t expect to seed for 10 days or more, they may want to consider a pre-seed burnoff now (as long as fields can support a sprayer) to get weeds at smaller stages. For more information on CleanStart and pre-seed glyphosate, click a province for a link to its guide to crop protection:  Alberta Saskatchewan Manitoba.

Growers who have already seeded and intend to apply a post-seeding/pre-emergence burnoff will want to act fast. The window of opportunity could be narrow this year. In Alberta and Western Saskatchewan, warm moist soils are encouraging rapid crop emergence.

Click here for an ACPC radio program on early season weed control tips.