Seed only registered varieties

Growers are reminded to make sure they seed registered varieties. Some older varieties that were once registered have been “deregistered” — they have been removed due to their negative effects on export markets. More than 80% of Canada’s canola crop is exported around the world, so it is critical that our canola meets the requirements of our export customers. If de-registered varieties are detected, canola shipments could be turned away causing millions of dollars in losses and placing future business with that country at risk. Click here for a list of the varieties and why they were removed.

Other seed reminders:

Farm saved seed is illegal for most varieties. Any canola seed with a herbicide tolerance (HT) system is protected under contract. Growers cannot legally use farm saved seed from these varieties and hybrids.

Keep a seed sample. Put a minimum 500 ml (2 cups) from each seed lot into a seed lab bag. Record seeding date and rate, keep the blue seed tag, and store samples in a cool, dry place in a rodent proof container. Taking a second sample as seed enters the ground will show what damage, if any, may have occurred as seed traveled through the drill. A sock taped to the end of a hose works as a simple sampling tool.

Published on April 7, 2011