Clubroot: Prevention steps for non-infested regions

The key to keep clubroot from spreading to new regions is to be vigilant with machinery and field inspectors coming from known clubroot infested regions. Keep them out of your fields unless they sanitize thoroughly. Clubroot is soil-borne and spreads with the movement of infested soil, including clods on openers and mud on tires and boots.

Growers should also become familiar with the disease and what it looks like so they can take steps to limit its spread if it does arrive. Spend some time at or take in a trade show presentation on clubroot.

Finally, growing clubroot resistant varieties is a risk management option for growers outside known clubroot zones. If the clubroot pathogen does arrive, resistant varieties will prevent it from increasing in the field and may reduce the risk of establishment.

Click here for more detail on the clubroot situation in Western Canada.

Published on January 5, 2011