Crop and weather reports:

Peace (B.C. and Alberta): Dry conditions continue in the south and central Peace. Some areas got a few tenths here and there, but most fields did not get enough moisture to be of any benefit. Hawk Hills north to La Crete/Ft. Vermilion and to the east are still getting good moisture. Earliest fields in these areas are finishing flowering, which puts them behind drier areas of the Peace.

Alberta: Warm temperatures in the south have moved canola along, but they’re still behind — with most canola at 10% to 70% flower. In west central regions, canola continues to range from good to excellent. Favorable moisture and moderate heat have produced some heavy canopies with 6-foot stands. Most areas in the east could use a good rain to finish off the crop. Earliest seeded crops in the central regions are at early pod stage. In general, crops are one to 2 weeks behind. Crops damaged by hail storms from a couple of weeks ago are recovering and reflowering. The concern now is whether they will mature prior to a fall frost. Read the Alberta crop report.

Saskatchewan: Canola is advancing quickly with warm-to-hot weather and only scattered showers, for the most part. Crops are filling in nicely in the west and in some eastern and northern areas. In the wettest areas of eastern Saskatchewan where canola has not recovered, growers are taking acres out of production. “That area is seeing a continuous drop in harvestable acres,” says Jim Bessel, CCC senior agronomy specialist. Crops are one to 2 weeks behind normal. Read the Saskatchewan crop report.

Manitoba: Canola has improved after a generally warm dry week, although many crops in the northwest and Interlake will remain short and thin due to relentless moisture stress earlier. Swathing has begun on a few early canola fields in the central and southeastern regions, but generally most reports indicate a week or 2 before swathing gets underway, especially in the northwest.