Crop and weather update

Peace (B.C. and Alberta): With regular rains and warm days in the north around Manning and La Crete, canola here looks better than in any other part of the region. Everywhere else needs rain. Crops range from 5-leaf to early flowering.

Alberta: Flooding in Medicine Hat made national headlines, but moisture is just right for many areas north of Highway 3. In many parts of central Alberta, canola shows signs of moisture shortage in afternoon heat. With early season wet periods, plants have poorly developed roots and can be easily stressed. Read the Alberta crop report.

Saskatchewan: Heavy rains fell south of the South Saskatchewan River, including 10” for the week around Maple Creek. In general, another 2” to 4” fell throughout the south and east. Accumulations were lower northwest, but Lloydminster and area did get rain yesterday. Staging across the province varies widely from just seeded to pre-bolt. Read the Saskatchewan crop report.

Manitoba: Rain in the past week ranged from 1”-2” in the northwest to several inches along the U.S. border. Gretna got 5” on Monday alone. Crop stages are highly variable ranging from cotyledon to early flowering, including lots of variability within fields in some cases.