Seeding Tips to Hasten Maturity

Late seeders and reseeders – give your canola the best possible start. Try to employ techniques that will encourage rapid and even emergence.

Target a consistent seeding depth of ½” to 1”. It may be necessary to slow down to achieve this consistency.
Because of changing soil conditions and the potential for mechanical issues with drills, check the seeding depth periodically, particularly when moving field to field.

Maintain a reasonable seeding rate or potentially bump seeding rates up by 10%. Remember a more dense plant population will mean less branching and hasten maturity.

Canola seed size can be quite variable. Take note of the seed size (TSW should be marked on seed tags or seed bags) and adjust seeding rates accordingly. A seeding rate calculator can help with the planning:
Place fertilizer (in safe amounts) near the seed to optimize efficiency. Seed-placed phosphorous can give a pop-up effect especially under cool conditions.
Re-assess the maturity of the chosen variety. It may be getting too late to plant longer season varieties based on the frost-free period remaining. If necessary, ask a local retailer to suggest other suitable varieties for the area.

For more seeding tips go to the SEED Smart information from the Canola Council of Canada.