Durable blackleg resistance stewardship through knowledge of blackleg pathogen population, resistance genes and crop sequence towards the development of a cultivar rotation program in the Prairie Provinces

Key Result

This research increased the understanding of the R-gene and pathogen profiles in the Prairies.

Project Summary

The objective of this study is to analyze Avr gene diversity and frequency of different Avr genes in different farms.


Understanding the R-gene and the pathogen profiles in the Prairies (by testing L. maculans isolates for the presence of 11 Avr alleles using a set of differentials combined with PCR amplification) has helped the industry to launch the R-gene labeling system and rotation strategy.

Note: This study was one of many making up the ‘Canola Disease Management Tools for the Prairies – Blackleg and Sclerotinia’ project that was led by SaskCanola in partnership with industry and funded under the Agri-Science Project (ASP) within the Growing Forward 2 Program.