Canola Research Summit

April 2011, Winnipeg, MB


  • How research is supporting profitable canola production to meet global demand and 2015 production targets

  • Future research directions to address challenges in crop establishment, protection and nutrition, with particular focus on crop rotation

Canola Research Summit Agenda (PDF)

Canola Research Summit Program Book (PDF)

Canola Research Summit Proceedings (PDF)
Summary of Table Discussion Notes (PDF)
Presentations from the Meeting Chairs (PDF)


Lifecycle Analysis Canola Biodiesel
Don O’Connor, (S&T)2 Consultants Inc.

Prairie Rotation Report - Current Situation and Trend
Anastasia Kubinec (MAFRI) and Murray Hartman (AAFRD)

Legume Crop before Canola
Dr. John O’Donovan, AAFC, Lacombe

Managing Sclerotinia in Canola
Dr. Randy Kutcher, AAFC, Melfort

Managing Flea Beetles in Canola
Dr. Julie Soroka, AAFC, Saskatoon

Update on Cutworms in Canola
Dr. John Gavloski, MAFRI

Managing Multiple Insect Populations in Canola - Cabbage Seed Pod Weevil and Lygus
Dr. Hector Carcamo, AAFC, Lethbridge and Dr. Lloyd Dosdall, University of Alberta

Improving Canola Stand Establishment
Dr. Neil Harker, AAFC Lacombe

Current Canola Emergence Issues
Dr. Yantai Gan, AAFC, Swift Current

ESN and N rate effects on N2O emissions, weeds, and canola yield
Dr. Robert Blackshaw, AAFC,Lethbridge

New Developments in Crop Nutrition Research for Canola
Dr. Cynthia Grant, AAFC, Brandon

Additional Research Documents

Canola industry overview 2011

Assessing the economic and ecological impacts of herbicide tolerant canola in Western Canada
Stuart Smyth, Michael Gusta, Peter Phillips, University of Saskatchewan, and David Castle, University of Ottawa