Blackleg Workshop

April 2011, Winnipeg, MB


  • Developing a blackleg resistance durability plan, building on research in Canada and around the world
  • Identifying future blackleg research priorities and disease management strategies

Blackleg Workshop Agenda and Minutes


Disease survey and pathogen variability in Canada
Randy Kutcher, AAFC

Canadian Research
Dilantha Fernando, University of Manitoba

Oilseed rape diseases
Bruce Fitt, University of Hertfordshire

Canadian resistance breeding
Hossein Borhan, AAFC

Blackleg resistance and disease management in France
Regine Delourme, INRA

Strategies implemented in Australia to reduce the spread of blackleg
Steve Marcroft, Marcroft Grains Pathology

Blackleg control strategies in USA
Luis del Rio & Samuel Markell, North Dakota State University

Control of blackleg with fungicides
Glen Forster, BASF

Cultural controls
Ralph Lange, Alberta Innovates Technology Futures