Introgression of clubroot resistance from B. rapa into B. napus canola and identification of molecular markers for resistance, and pyramiding of this resistance with other resistance genes

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The study will introgress clubroot resistance (CR) from B. rapa to canola. The B. rapa germplasm used in this research carries resistance to pathotypes 3 and 3A. This resistance is not strongly associated with the two well-known sources, so could be a new source of resistance.


Introgression of resistance from B. rapa var. rapifera (radish) and B. rapa var. chinensis (Chinese cabbage) into B. napus is completed. A few hundred reconstituted B. napus lines carrying resistance to pathotype 3/3A were tested in a clubroot diseases infested field which carry pathotype 5X. Several lines showed resistance to the pathotypes present in this field.