How Canola is Processed

About 45% of canola grown in Canada is processed here. The seed is typically trucked to the nearest processing plant, where oil is extracted and meal is processed.

Step 1: First the seed is thoroughly cleaned.

Step 2: Next the seed is pre-condition with heat and then flaked using rollers. This ruptures cells and makes the oil easier to extract.

Step 3: Next the flaked seeds are cooked and subjected to a mild pressing process in the expeller that removes some of the oil and compresses the seeds into large chunks called "cake fragments."

Step 4: The cake fragments undergo further processing to remove most of the remaining oil. Pre-press solvent extracting is the most common method.

Step 5: From the extractor the oil and meal are then processed separately, according to the end product requirements. Different treatments are used to process salad oils, margarines and shortenings. The meal may be processed into pellets or left as a loose mash.

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