High-Oleic Canola

A new option to reduce trans fats in the food supply

Leading-edge plant breeding has produced high-oleic acid canola oil - a naturally stable oil that needs no hydrogenation or modification to extend shelf life.

This is exciting news for anyone concerned about the trans fats that can be created when oils are partially hydrogenated. This new option provides food processors with an option that is both low in saturated fats and free of trans fat.

A more attractive choice for key markets

  • Because it's relatively odourless, high-oleic canola is valued in Japan, where cooking environments are confined.
  • It's a great choice for the large U.S. deep frying market.
  • Other market applications include spray oils for snacks, crackers and cereals, and for pan release sprays.

For farmers, high-oleic canola is an opportunity for contract production at better prices than standard canola. It's been available for commercial production for the past 8 years and acreage is steadily increasing.

This just is one of many new strains of canola now under development. Canola is truly an oil with infinite possibilities!

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