Pivotal Moment for Canola

“It’s a great day for grains and oilseeds farmers of Canada who this year have produced an outstanding crop,” says Canola Council of Canada (CCC) president Patti Miller. “Farmers across Canada work hard and take risks in order to bring in a crop, and when they succeed as they have this year, that’s cause for celebration. And hats off to Canada’s canola growers who broke all previous production records by a long shot.”

Miller was reacting to Statistics Canada estimates released today showing that higher production for most field crops in Canada in 2013, including 16 million tonnes of canola.

“This is a pivotal moment in history for Canada’s canola industry,” says Saskatchewan farmer and CCC Board of Directors Chairman Terry Youzwa. “Our industry in 2007 set a target of 15 million tonnes of sustainable canola production by 2015 and we have blown past that target two years early.”

Youzwa pointed out that the 2015 industry target of 15 million tonnes applies both to production and demand, and he expressed confidence that demand will be strong. “About 85 percent of our production is bound for export markets and the Canola Council has worked very diligently to ensure that the markets are there.”

“We will take this moment to celebrate, but then it’s back to the day-to-day work of giving our growers the best agronomy extension and innovation possible to support sustainable production of high value canola, and the best we can possibly do in maintaining and growing markets.” says Miller.

The CCC is a full value chain organization representing growers, crushers, life science companies and exporters.


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