Mexico is a consistent buyer of Canadian canola seed. These imports bring value to the Mexican economy by supporting a domestic crushing and refining industry.

Market profile

  • Population: 130.8 million
  • Primary health concerns: Cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, obesity
  • Total vegetable oil consumption (2018): 2.9 million tonnes

Imports of Canadian canola (2017)

  • Seed: 1.2 million tonnes valued at $698.7 million
  • Oil: 66 thousand tonnes valued at $76.4 million
  • Meal: 3 thousand tonnes valued at $1.0 million
  • Total value of exports to Mexico: $782 million

Market trends

  • Canola is Canada's top agri-food export to Mexico.
  • Canola oil and meal consumption have both risen over the past five years.

Economic benefits of importing Canadian canola

  • MXN$21.9 billion of economic activity per year
  • 7,100 jobs in Mexico