China is one of our most important customers. We are actively seeking to improve the predictability of this promising and diverse market.

Market profile

  • Population: 1.39 billion
  • Total vegetable oil consumption (2016): 31.9 million tonnes
  • #1 vegetable oil consumer in the world

Imports of Canadian canola (2016)

  • Seed: 3.5 million tonnes valued at $1.9 billion
  • Oil: 597 thousand tonnes valued at $569.3 million
  • Meal: 657 thousand tonnes valued at $217.8 million
  • Total value of exports to China: $2.7 billion

Market trends

  • Seed imports have varied widely from year to year.
  • Oil imports have been increased in recent years.
  • Meal imports were restricted in 2013 when China implemented new registration requirements for Canadian processors exporting meal, and resumed in late 2016.

Economic benefits of importing Canadian canola

  • US$3.6 billion of economic activity per year
  • 16,150 jobs in China