• Canola Calculator

    Canola Calculator

    Minimize Risk. Maximize Profit. 

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  • EU Certification

    EU Certification

    Learn how to get your farm certified for export to the EU. 

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  • Keep it Clean

    Keep it Clean

    It is critical that our canola meets export customers' requirements. Ensure you continue to protect yourself and our industry.

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  • Canola Encyclopedia

    Canola Encyclopedia

    An online resource for the latest canola agronomy information, including disease management, insect control, crop fertility and many other chapters.

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  • Canola Watch

    Canola Watch

    A weekly email with free, unbiased, timely and research-focused information on growing canola.

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  • Canola Research Hub

    Canola Research Hub

    Translating research findings into tangible on-farm practices –

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