QUIZ – Low-yielding areas

With low-yielding areas, ground-truth to check why. Disease, salinity, other? Here are three questions to get you in the scouting mood.

1. In a Canola Watch article called How to cope with salinity, Marla Riekman, soil management specialist with Manitoba Agriculture, says Farmers will often know where their saline areas are because they’re full of ___________________."
2. The 2018 Canola Digest article Why are low-yielding areas low yielding mentions that hilltops and low saline areas can be the lowest-yielding parts of fields – but for completely different reasons. If a farmer had the variable-rate ability to eliminate fertilizer application from one of these two regions, which would it likely be? 
3. Lower than expected yield may have canola growers wondering about different cultivars for next year. In the September 2022 Canola Digest article What can corn teach canola about cultivar selection, Dave Harwood with Pioneer Hi-Bred encourages farmers to plant a packagea few different canola cultivars with a mix of genotypes. After that, what does he say is required to take advantage of that cultivar diversity?