CANOLA QUIZ – Fall scouting

Fall is a good time for weed management, fertilizer planning, plant counts and more. Try these five questions on things you might find and things you’ll want to look for this week.

1. You’re scanning the ground in cereal fields and you find pieces of old canola stubble with these specks on them. What are they?

2. Get out there and count canola stems – and participate in the Canola Counts survey! Round one of the survey collected crowd-sourced data from fields across the Prairies after crop emergence this spring. Out of the fields entered in the spring survey, what was the average plant density and average emergence?
3. What is the best time to soil sample this fall if using the results to plan next year's application rates?
4. A field has very large perennial weeds but most of the leaf material was recently cut off at harvest. Should you spray now and take advantage of their weakened state?
5. What is this stuff?