Chlorpyrifos – Timeline for cancelation

The Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) is phasing out the crop uses for chlorpyrifos (in products Lorsban, Pyrinex, Nufos, Warhawk, etc.). These products provide control of bertha armyworm, alfalfa looper, diamondback moth larvae, lygus bugs and other insects. The PMRA made its decision due to unacceptable risks to arthropods (insects, spiders, etc.), birds, mammals and humans. Due to lack of alternatives available for alfalfa looper in canola, PMRA has stated that the phase-out period for that specific use in canola will be extended by two years. 

The phase-out schedule is as follows: 

  • December 10, 2021, the registrant (Corteva, ADAMA Canada, FMC, Loveland Products Canada, etc.) must stop selling chlorpyrifos. 
  • December 10, 2022, retailers must stop selling chlorpyrifos. 
  • December 10, 2023, all use of chlorpyrifos must cease, except the alfalfa looper extension which states: By December 10, 2022, if the registrant chooses to continue selling chlorpyrifos for use on canola, they must amend the label for use on canola for only alfalfa loopers. No other uses on canola will be permitted. 
  • By December 10, 2024, all use of chlorpyrifos on canola must cease. 

For more information, read the PMRA re-evaluation decision.