Read Canola Digest Science Edition 2019 online

This year’s Canola Digest Science Edition featuring the latest research findings is now available at The print edition should have arrived in your mailbox in November. The Science Edition focuses on summaries and key results from recently completed research and provides updates on ongoing projects, many of which are funded by Alberta Canola, SaskCanola and the Manitoba Canola Growers and/or are administered by the Canola Council of Canada.

Some interesting research results

Placement outside the seedrow is fine for phosphate. Placing phosphate fertilizer in the seed row has its challenges because seed damage can occur at fairly low rates. Rather than short the crop with a low seed-placed rate, this study found that the full recommended rate placed outside the seed row is the better option. Read the report.

New tool forecasts sclerotinia risk. The canola growth stage prediction model and sclerotinia stem rot risk index deployed on are useful tools for managing the disease. Read the report