Canola Watch quiz – Harvest loss scenarios

Four questions to help you calculate harvest losses, using the tables in the Combine Seed Loss Guide.

Tools to measure harvest loss.

1. What is a reasonable and generally accepted goal for threshing losses in all crops?
2. If a combine operator is experiencing high rotor losses where there are full pods (unthreshed pods) being spit out the back of the machine, what are some options for correction?
3. Using the 'Combine Seed Loss Guide,' determine the losses in bushels per acre in the following scenario:
–40-foot header width
–Straw being dropped and discharge width (sieve width) is 5 feet
–35ml of seed collected in a 6 square-foot pan
4. Here's another scenario: Using the combine seed loss guide, determine the losses in lb./ac. with the following scenario:
–Swath cut width was 25 feet
–Combine is chopping and spreading (not lifting the chopper/speader as recommended)
–1.0 gram of seed collected in a 1 square foot pan


Click here for tips on how to measure losses.