Saskatchewan updates clubroot map

The Saskatchewan clubroot distribution map (pasted below) illustrates the distribution of clubroot and the clubroot pathogen in the province and can be used as an estimation of regional clubroot risk. The map is cumulative and includes all findings of clubroot and detections of the clubroot pathogen from 2008 to 2018. All detections of clubroot and the clubroot pathogen are included in this map, as the clubroot pathogen is long lived and cannot be eradicated. As a result, areas where clubroot and/or the clubroot pathogen were first identified in Saskatchewan are considered to still have an increased risk and are therefore included in this map illustrating cumulative findings. In addition to illustrating the distribution of fields with visible clubroot symptoms, the map provides information on the number of fields in each rural municipality (RM) confirmed to have clubroot visible symptoms.

The information in this map is organized into four main categories that are illustrated by four different colours.

Blue: In these RMs, the clubroot pathogen was detected at low levels in soil samples from at least one field in the RM. When only the clubroot pathogen is detected it means that the pathogen is present at levels lower than those required to cause disease symptoms under field conditions. When this occurs, producers are encouraged to implement proactive management strategies to keep the pathogen levels low to prevent symptom development and potential yield losses.
Yellow: Visible symptoms of clubroot were identified in one to nine fields in the RM.
Orange: Visible symptoms of clubroot were identified in 10 or more fields in the RM.
Grey: The grey area on the map outlines the area of the province that was included in the 2018 extensive clubroot survey. The grey colour indicates that the RM was surveyed but neither clubroot visible symptoms nor the clubroot pathogen were detected.

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Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture prepared the information above.

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