Five key combine tips

Consider these tips to ensure your combining goes as smoothly as possible:

1) Consider your operation and don’t assume combine settings for straight cutting are the same as for combining when you’re picking up the swath. Want to make sure you have optimized your combine operation? Check out the new Combine Optimization Tool

2) Note the changing weather conditions and adjust  your combine settings accordingly. Many regions have experiences both hot, dry conditions and cool, moist conditions over the last week or two. Conditions will typically even change enough from morning to afternoon to evening to warrant setting adjustments.

3) Being keen may mean waiting another few days. If you are straight cutting your canola, be sure to wait until it is below 10% moisture for best results.

4) Save the hassle of swathing a thin stand and try straight cutting instead of swathing it. Read more.

5) Check for harvest losses and then adjust your equipment accordingly. Another way to reduce unnecessary losses while combining- slow down (even an extra 0.5 mph). This will help you make the most of a thinner stand or maximize on a good harvest (while also reducing the number of volunteer canola to manage next year)! Check out the harvest management video HERE.

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