Weed considerations for early May

Preseed burn-off or seeding? For best results, spray winter annuals when they’re small. They’ll be growing fast this week. Seed first or spray weeds? A situation

Seed then bet on post-seeding/pre-emergence application? If choosing to seed before spraying, weeds present will have a minimum five days — usually more — before the crop emerges. These weeds can advance very quickly in good conditions, which is why growers who seed before spraying may choose to apply in the narrow post-seeding pre-emergence window.

Herbicide carryover risk. This can be a factor if conditions were dry last summer and not conducive to normal rates of residual herbicide breakdown. This presents a risk to canola seeded in these fields. Keep this in mind if making last minute changes, swapping in canola where a group-2 tolerant crop was originally planned.

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