Spring harvest tips

If growers can’t get on the field yet to finish harvest 2016, they can hand-thresh a sample from the windrows. This quality preview can provide an estimate of grade and help you determine what to do with it.

Alberta Agriculture oilseed specialist Murray Hartman did this recently in a field near Westlock, Alberta. About 25% of the seed was mouldy, which will downgrade the sample, but these seeds were also very light and some may blow out the back of the combine during harvest.

When harvesting over-wintered canola, put in its own bin. Note that with inconsistent quality, it could be quite volatile in the bin. Keep air blowing through it.

If you have harvested canola this spring and have tips to share, please email them Canola Watch editor Jay Whetter at whetterj@canolacouncil.org.

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