Did I choose the right variety for this year?

When going over variety decisions, consider these factors…

1. Do you trust the data?

Do you have access to good quality data? Look at a number of data sources, including Canola Performance Trials, crop insurance data, seed company data and results from neighbours.


2. What traits do you need?

—What herbicide-tolerant system do you want? It may be worth rotating systems if certain weeds are becoming harder to control.

—Does it have the disease resistance you need? Choose varieties with an R rating for blackleg in high blackleg areas and keep a close eye if using the same variety as last time. Choose varieties with clubroot resistance if clubroot is in the community. If sclerotinia is particularly bad in the area, the sclerotinia tolerance trait may be of value.

—Do you plan to swath later or straight combine? In that case, the pod shatter tolerance trait could help. Early maturing varieties can also be a benefit for fields that will be straight combined.

—Are you pushing fertilizer rates or putting canola on manured land? Strong lodging resistance will benefit.

3. How do you assess yield potential?

Choosing your desired traits first will narrow the products left for you. From the varieties on this narrowed list, are yield results consistent? A variety with high yield results in one trial may not give the results you expect. Look for varieties with consistent yield across a wide range of conditions and with maturity suitable for your region.

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