CCC Crop Production Team: Territories and specialties

The Canola Council of Canada’s Crop Production & Innovation team is here to help answer your canola agronomy questions. Here are the 11 agronomy specialists with their territories, areas of specialty and contact information.

CCC_agronomy_team_Dec 1 2015 600

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Clint Jurke
Northwest Saskatchewan/Northeast Alberta
Specialty: Agronomy director
Twitter: @JurkeCCC

Gregory Sekulic
Peace (Alberta and B.C.)
Specialty: Sustainability, pollinators and beneficials, machinery, blackleg, stand establishment
Twitter: @SekulicCCC

Dan Orchard
Central Alberta North
Specialty: Clubroot, crop tours, weeds, fertility

Keith Gabert
Central Alberta South
Specialty: Insect pests, sclerotinia stem rot, canoLAB, fertility, weeds, genetics and seed

Autumn Barnes
Alberta South
Specialties: Stand establishment, canoLAB, genetics and seed, insect pests

Ian Epp
Northwest Saskatchewan
Specialty: Weeds, Ultimate Canola Challenge, pollinators and beneficials

Shawn Senko
Northeast Saskatchewan
Specialty: Machinery, precision agriculture, Canola Performance Trials, canoLAB, harvest and storage

Warren Ward
Southeast Saskatchewan
Specialty: Fertility, Canola Performance Trials, new diseases, economics

Nicole Philp
Southwest Saskatchewan
Specialty: Ultimate Canola Challenge, genetics and seed, insect pests, precision agriculture, resistance management

Justine Cornelsen
Western Manitoba
Specialties: Blackleg, stand establishment, sustainability, insect pests

Angela Brackenreed
Eastern Manitoba
Specialty: Harvest and storage, economics, canoLAB, weeds, machinery

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