Canola Watch poll — 2015 in review

Take our seven-question survey to help us understand the key issues growers faced in 2015. This will help keep our presentations and articles on target through the winter and help with planning for 2016 Canola Watch content.

Based on results so far, the top three answers for each multiple choice question are…

Question 1: What caused the most difficulty while trying to establish canola fields this year? People could make multiple selections, which is why the top three list here add up to move than 100%.

Lack of moisture (48.3%)
Early-season frost (38.2%)
Flea beetles (36.0%)

Question 2: What was the greatest yield limiting factor for canola this year? Again, respondents could make multiple selections.

Lack of moisture (50.6%)
Frost (20.2%)
Hot temperatures (18.0%)

Question 3: What insect was the most damaging to canola in your area this year?

Flea beetles (56.8%)
No significant insect damage (23.9%)
Grasshoppers (9.1%)

Question 4: Which micronutrients did you apply or did you recommend for canola this year? Respondents could make multiple selections.

None (77.1%)
Boron (24.1%)
Zinc (4.8%)

Question 5: What was the typical canola plant population per square foot at the end of the season?

5-6 (39.8%)
7 or more (31.3%)
3-4 (27.7%)

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