Proactive steps for a safe harvest

The following tips are from the SAFE Farms Harvest TIP sheet. Download the complete document.

—Develop a “safety first” approach with family members and workers. Follow safe practices and set good examples for others.

—Provide an orientation to new workers. Orientations go a long way in ensuring workers are familiar with the farm’s safety and health expectations.

—Train workers/family members on the safe operation of harvesting equipment and related tasks. Getting workers trained and familiar with tasks before harvest begins will ensure they have time to prepare, ask questions and be comfortable performing the tasks safely.

—Collect operator manuals for harvesting equipment and review these with equipment operators.

—Operational checks should be performed on harvesting equipment including augers, aeration fans, conveyors, etc.

—Ensure proper inventories of personal protective equipment (PPE), tools and resources are available and accessible for workers and family members.

—This is a great time to review the farm’s emergency plan with family members and workers. Ensure somebody trained and certified in first aid is present at all times.

—Make sure everyone knows the legal land descriptions to farmyards and fields in case of an emergency situation.