July 28, 2015 – Portage UCC Trial Update

Site Update:

It’s been a few weeks since my last update, sorry for the delay! I visited the Portage UCC trial on Monday July 27th. There was still standing water in the field because the site had received 4 inches of rain in the past few days. Currently, the canola is at the pod ripening stage, majority of the seed is still green.

So far, the sclerotia depot has had zero germination, and there is no sign of sclerotinia in the plot.


As a side note:

Here is a link to a study from Ontario that examined canola’s yield response to boron. This study conducted 33 field scale trials at 10 different locations over a period of four years (2008-2011).

The study found the highest yield response during the year with the highest temperatures during flowering. This suggests boron may have value at reducing heat stress in canola.

Take a look here: