Road trip to canolaPALOOZA


What do sclerotinia, cotton candy, drones, and unicycles have in common? They will all be part of canolaPALOOZA.

On June 23, the Lacombe Research Centre will be home to the agronomic canola event of the year. Expert instructors from across Canada will guide attendees through their choice of live, in-field sessions including:

—Sclerotinia and Spray Technology. See a live spray pattern demo, and learn about fungicide and herbicide timing
—Insects, Bees, and Pests. Train to use a sweep net properly, learn to identify bertha armyworms and swede midge, and get tips on bee health and sustainability
—Fertility. Learn about nitrogen ladders and leaf colour charts, as well as phosphate, sulphur and zinc.
—Plant establishment. See how seed size, seed rate, and seeding tools — Monosem planter vs conventional drill — influence canola stand establishment.
—Drones. See a live flying demo.
—Harvest Loss. See how much you are actually losing behind the combine!
—Weed Garden Challenge, Plot Errors, a Soil Pit and more!

Click here for a full list of instructors and session descriptions, as well as registration details. Space is limited, preregistration is required.