Stand Establishment Video and Quiz

This video from the Canola Council of Canada (CCC) describes key stand establishment steps using animated video and a question and answer format with growers. Some growers share information on what works on their farms and the CCC shares tips on how to assess your own operation and recommendations to consider in order to improve your stand establishment (which is one of the four agronomic pillars of the CCC strategic plan). Once you have watched the video, test your comprehension by taking this quiz!

1. How many plants per square foot does the grower in the video aim for?
2. How many plants should be in a ¼ m^2 hula hoop measuring ring, in order to have a 7.2 plants per square foot?
3. What factors mentioned in the video (in addition to 50% emergence) may reduce a seed count from 20 plants per square foot down to 6 plants per square foot?
4. What rates are the growers in this video seeding at?
5. Larger seeds or higher thousand seed weight (TSW) means fewer seeds per square foot. This means:
6. How do the growers in this video manage their residue?
7. How fast do the growers in the video seed?
8. Why did they choose this speed?
9. How often does the grower go out to check the field while he’s seeding?
10. What does the grower check for in the field when he’s seeding?