Shorter season varieties

Growers sometimes prefer earlier maturing canola varieties given their season zone or if spring seeding is later than expected. Here is a list of all NAMED varieties supported for registration at WCC/RRC since 2009 that have maturity of at least 1.0 day earlier than the checks. Keep in mind that checks 45H29 and 5440 are, on average, 1.1 days earlier than 46A65 and Q2. So while PV532G and SY4135 are both -1.3, PV532G should be the earlier of the two because its checks are earlier maturing.

If this list is missing shorter-season varieties currently on the market, please email Jay Whetter at

Days to maturity

Many of these varieties are compared at the Canola Performance Trials website, which compares varieties based on days to maturity, as well as yield, lodging and height.