Four the week

Pre-swath disease scouting

Distinguished pests. CCC agronomists launch a new video (embedded above) this week with tips and helpful images for your pre-harvest disease scouting routine.

Who ya gonna call? More tank mixes and more time stress create all sorts of scenarios for crop-damaging mistakes. Hopefully the two parties can figure out the problem and resolve this situation amicably. If not, a consulting agrologist might help.

Nein-1-1. A decision to apply a rescue treatment for hail or heat requires two things: (1) Realistic expectations that an economic return may not occur and (2) acceptance that sufficient independent research on boron or any other rescue treatment hasn’t been done.

Bloomin’ long. Canola with low plant populations will flower longer. With rain or humidity and a long time at “full flower,” is a second fungicide or a late first fungicide now worthwhile? Assess the situation and the tolerance for risk.