Top 10 things to look out for now

You have to scout to know what’s going on in the fields. Here are 10 things to look for this week.

10 – Gopher damage (Richardson ground squirrels or pocket gophers) Read more.
9 – Environmental damage – frost or wind
8 – Wild buckwheat. Read more.
7 – Herbicide efficacy. Is weed control what you expected? If not, why not? Read more.
6 – Flea beetle. Not all canola is safe at the 4-leaf stage. Read more.
5 — Cutworms. Missing plants? Start digging. Read more.
4 – Herbicide carryover issues. Read more.
3 – Seedling diseases. Read more.
2 – Cleavers. Read more.
1 – Plant stand. What is the plant survival rate? Deep seeding is one issue causing establishment problems this year. Can definitely see areas in fields were drill settings were a problem. This leads to increased disease, delayed establishment, higher flea beetle risk as the treatment wears off, and generally low vigor. Read more.

Listen to a podcast with CCC agronomy specialist Keith Gabert on what to scout for this week.