Topics for the month

If you only watch two videos this month, watch the clubroot life cycle and beneficial insect videos embedded in this edition of Canola Watch.

The clubroot video is brand new and particularly timely given DNA for the organism that causes clubroot was detected in soils from two Manitoba fields, and a brassica plant grown in these soils in the lab exhibited clubroot symptoms. No region of the Prairies can consider itself immune. Growers and agronomists in all regions are encouraged to scout for the disease more closely in 2013, but don’t panic. We have many more clubroot management tools, including resistant varieties, sanitation protocols and an overall heightened level of awareness, that were not available when the disease was first discovered in canola in Alberta 10 years ago.

March is a good time to get the drill ready. This month we have tips on where to check for wear and tear. We also have a related article on seeding tips to improve canola seed survival.

Finally, Autumn Holmes-Saltzman (photo below) is now officially on board as agronomy specialist for southern Alberta. We also say goodbye to Tiffany Martinka, who left her post as agronomy specialist for Eastern Saskatchewan to join Monsanto as a territory manager.

Autumn Holmes-Saltzman