CanoLAB 2012 highlights

Most of you did not get to attend CanoLAB 3-D in Edmonton this week, so this edition of Canola Watch will bring you the highlights. CanoLAB was a unique chance to see what real canola plants look like when they are suffering from various stresses at different growth stages. The interactive and hands-on lab was March 5 and 6 at Hole’s new Enjoy Centre in St. Albert, Alberta. The CCC and Alberta Canola Producers Commission created CanoLAB 3-D in cooperation with the University of Alberta and the Enjoy Centre.

CanoLAB had 7 stations with a different theme and a different team of experts for each. Groups of 15 growers and agronomists rotated through the stations throughout the day. The following articles will explain the key canola agronomy concepts discussed at each station.

CanoLAB at the Enjoy Centre in St. Albert, Alberta