Canola Watch 2011 CCA exam now available

The Canola Watch 2011 exam for Certified Crop Advisors (CCAs) is now available. Click here to enter the exam.

CCA CEU’s have been approved. Your knowledge of 2011 canola production issues and solutions could be worth 6 CCA credits:

  • 1.5 credits in crop management
  • 2.5 credits in pest management
  • 1 credit in nutrient management
  • 1 credit in soil and water management

The exam period starts today and must be taken by January 23, 2012 to qualify for CCA credits. For those requiring 2011 credits, be sure to complete the exam before midnight on December 31. For those interested in 2012 credits, be sure to complete the exam between January 1 and 23, 2012.You need a grade of at least 70% to pass. No partial credits are awarded. You get full credits or zero. All answers can be found in the 2011 Canola Watch reports.

Carefully complete all 69 questions and fill in all of the required personal information before logging out or shutting down the program. The exam could take less than one hour or more than two hours, depending on how much time you spend referencing 2011 Canola Watch reports.

The Canola Council of Canada will forward your grade to the Certified Crop Advisor Program.

For questions or additional information on this exam, please contact Crystal Klippenstein at 204-982-7762 or